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Lukasz (Zawadzkie, Opolskie, Poland) 28.07.2020
The best ASMR in the World!
Nicotine ASMR (My House) 12.04.2020
Adrianie gdzie jesteś wymagam snu
Teo 20.02.2020
How you are not world famous yet, escapes me. Keep it up!
Lyanne 16.12.2019
Hi Adi! I've been watching your videos for quite a while now, you are my favorite ASMRtist out there and I always find myself looking forward to your new videos! Even when I watch different artists, I somehow always end up coming back to you. Keep doing what you do, and thank you for the relaxation and tingles
yuloo 06.12.2019
Your sounds are professional quality sounds. Please make a video on writing sounds, pencil sounds,pen sounds, chalk sounds. And also please make a video on teaching something in quiet voice, that's a thing trending these days. Search #studylive there people are broadcasting their study session with pomodoro timers,which helps a lot in focusing during study, coding and work. Think about this video idea
Pongi (Pongi ) 28.10.2019
Hey Adi, Loads of love from India. Keep making these videos! Definitely an underrated asmr channel that needs more love.
Andres Costra (Russia) 19.08.2019
Adrian, you are very creative person, I'd be very glad to see you in real life, to talk with you. Besides, i wish i had such teacher in the past :) Keep your 'passions' and stay cool! Andrey
Nothing 17.08.2019
Dude, u really should not display the mails of all users here, they can easily be cached by bots and used in spammail lists..
HarleyQuinn (NC) 29.07.2019
Hi, Adrian~ as a nurse, I am acutely aware of the many benefits of holistic therapies-- my favorite being ASMR. While I've listened to/watched it for a couple of years now, I only recently discovered your channel. Yours is the only one that I listen to, and I do so every day! I just wanted to thank you for all of the time and effort you put into your videos; it is loved and appreciated by so many people, and I admire your selflessness. I've read countless comments on your videos from people who struggle with insomnia, anxiety, and depression, and it is wonderful how you affect these individuals in such a positive way. By stimulating the cranial nerves as you do, you bring a kind of quiet euphoria to many who might not have felt it otherwise. I read your story about the struggles you faced when your students, their parents, and your peers learned of your YouTube channel. Their reaction is disappointing, even though ASMR is not widely heard of there. I was so inspired by how you stood your ground when given that ultimatum. (For anyone reading this comment, please read Adrian's personal story if you haven't already). For anyone that you encounter where you live who has their doubts about the amazing work you do, please be sure to direct them to the thousands of people in this online community who look forward to each new video you produce (myself included!).Thank you again for your gift to all of us, I hope you never stop doing what you love. 😊💤💤💤
Regan 14.07.2019
Hey man real kosher stuff u got here
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