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Noah (Oklahoma ) 22.05.2019
Your amazing
Kelley (Portland,Oregon USA) 06.04.2019
Hi Adi, I think you have to best ASMR channel. Thank you for all the hard work you put in to making them. Sincerely Kelley
Jadi 25.03.2019
Your AMSR’s are the best! I actually sleep now and am very grateful for your videos. Your talent and finess with sound has made my quality of life much better. And you absolutely do the best echo AMSRs! Thank you.
Mara 11.08.2018
Adrian; I used to have a really hard time focusing, studying, and sleeping as my thoughts are often distracting and I have a short attention span. Since I've found your channel my grades have gone up, my stress has gone down and I'm getting more sleep than I have in years. Thank you! :)
Kate 18.04.2018
Adrian, you remind me so much of one of my professors from college, who is also a Polish video artist. Watching your videos takes me back to his class and conversations with him about making art and having faith in myself. I read that you are also a teacher, which makes a lot of sense! Thank you for what you do, you've given me a lot of comfort in the form of tingles, focus, and good sleeps :)
Saph 16.04.2018
Adrian, you are probably the most passionate and creative asmrtist ever. I really enjoy your content and i think you do a really good job in making your content. Thank you for all the good sleeps you have given me.
Revelation 73 (Austria) 19.01.2018
Dear Adrian, I discovered ASMR about a month ago, I did not know it before. You were the first ASMR artist I saw a video from. The last few weeks I watched many different ASMR videos also from other artists, but I'm always coming back to you because you are the best! I love the way you treat the things in your hands. You are so passionate and talented! It doesn't matter if you are scratching wood (I love it!), doing whispering oder playing with the sponk - your videos are an enrichment for my life. I want to thank you, you are a really really great guy! Many greetings from Austria
Caleb 09.01.2018
I recently discovered your videos, I didn’t even know there was a name for feeling tingles from subtle sounds. Thank you for the great ASMR
Bucky 05.01.2018
I just found your channel about a month ago, and now you’re the only ASMR channel I listen to! Keep up the great work :D I especially love your whispering, and I’d love if you did an entire video of just whispering, and maybe some tapping :)
Sofia Greece (Greece) 02.01.2018
Thank you for your relaxing videos and soothing presence
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