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Leave something nice for me... ;)

Sowee 24.06.2017
Big fan in S.Korea! I'm very happy to see you!
Sleeping Janet 29.05.2017
Thanks! I have been loving your content for months now :)
Hannah 29.05.2017
Thank you so much for the amazing videos! You're truly one of the greatest ASMRtists! I get so excited when you post! Keep up the wonderful work!
geisterkind 23.05.2017
Hi Adrian I hope you are doing well! xx
Chris (Chris) 09.05.2017
Thank You soo much for the lovely tingles
Suzi Diamond (kirkby in ashfield) 08.05.2017
Dead Adrian, I believe in you. You are a wonderful creator and I love your ASMR videos. I hope you achieve your dream. You deserve this. X
Michkeline (Laurine) 30.04.2017
You are an amazing artist. I hope everything gets better. I see the community is really trying to make a difference. See how much we love you and appreciate all your hard work! Lots of love. Laurine
John 28.04.2017
Stay strong adi. Love your videos. You're an amazing content creator and we'll be waiting for you.
Shane Cassaday 28.04.2017
You've become my favorite ASMR content creator. Love you stuff, and very much appreciate the work and creativity you put into it! Dziękuję!
Scott 16.04.2017
Thanks for being such a unique ASMR artist! I appreciate your work so much. Thank you
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