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Sofia Greece (Greece) 02.01.2018
Thank you for your relaxing videos and shouthing presence
BlobMonsta 03.12.2017
Keep up the great work. 💕
Trish (Durham) 30.10.2017
What is that beautiful tune you play on your guitar in Łatwość gry - Gitara Akustyczna vs Elektryczna (porównanie) [SAMotny Vlog] #24 towards the end? I love it so so much.! You play so well and I love listening to your music. Thank you.
Steffen (Germany) 29.09.2017
Thanks for your videos! I wish you would upload to spotify, so that one can listen to your roleplays on airplane-mode. You should think about sending out your music CD as a hardcopy with a signature autograph and maybe one special track for those who would order it. I most likely would. Best wishes from your neighbor in Germany!
Jessica 27.09.2017
You are my favorite asmrtist ever, you never disappoint. You have such an amazing talent and I never miss a video. Wonderful job!!
Trisha (Durham) 19.09.2017
I came upon your page by chance and so glad I did. You are a great artist and your ASMR videos are the best I have come across. I wish you every success with your work and watch and wait eagerly for all of your videos. Thank you.
Swedish Emelie 18.09.2017
I watch every video that you release on your international Youtube channel. You do some great work. I Always become relaxed and calm listening to your soothing sounds. Thank you so much for the ASMR that you share. P.S. One of my favorite sounds are of you whispering. D.S.
Dylan (Illinois (USA)) 15.09.2017
I absolutely love your content and the amazing work you put into your content. Thank you for posting high quality material for your viewers. Trust me, everyone notices the hard work you put into your videos and we are very thankful! Be happy and smile Adi! Thank you!
Mateusz (Polska) 02.07.2017
Cześć, słucham Cię od ponad pół roku i muszę przyznać że wykonujesz dobrą robotę, oby tak dalej!
Sowee 24.06.2017
Big fan in S.Korea! I'm very happy to see you!
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