SensorAdi ASMR



Leave something nice for me... ;)

Mp3j (United States) 03.01.2017
Adi makes very thoughtful and passionate videos. He is very sincere and skilled. All my best to you.
PieNinjaProductions 03.01.2017
One of the best ASMRtists out there. Very good job !!!
Chris (Germany) 02.01.2017
Adi, You're the best ASMRtist I've ever encountered on YouTube! Thank you very much for all your effort and hard work and the countless hours of relaxation you gave me and many others! :) Hope you and everybody who reads this has a relaxed and of course tingly day :D
Daniil 02.01.2017
I've been watching your videos for a several months now, always my go-to ASMRtist for tingles and good sleep, keep making your amazing content:)
Adi 01.01.2017
Im first ;) OK, so this is working...Great. I hope to see lots of entries. Greetings.
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